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Experts in Community Engagement & Public Consultation

Engage your community with BROOKS Community Engagement, one of Australia’s leading providers of stakeholder engagement and community consultation services. 

BROOKS specialise in the planning and development of vibrant and self-sustaining communities, ensuring both our clients and community stakeholders feel respected, empowered and connected to create deeper connections for all.

    Engage Your Stakeholders with BROOKS:


    Leaders in sustainable and inclusive Community Engagement.

    BROOKS Community Engagement (BROOKS) is a trusted Australian consultancy firm that delivers informed and responsive stakeholder engagement, public consultation and community development services for a range of prominent government, private and not-for- profit entities. Our community engagement services are designed to enhance our clients’ relationships within the communities they serve, ultimately supporting the growth and sustainability of their projects.


    Our Engagement Approach

    At BROOKS, our success lies in our ability to understand and appreciate the diverse voices in any given community. We develop a comprehensive community engagement plan to ensure your stakeholders have a multitude of opportunities to engage. By integrating the latest research methods, strategic communications, face-to-face consultation, and grassroots development initiatives, we consistently create authentic engagement opportunities. This approach enables us to achieve exceptional outcomes for our clients, their projects, and the broader community, strengthening the overall community engagement process.

    Meet the BROOKS Team

    The BROOKS Team, a devoted ensemble of professionals, stands ready to bolster local communities, propelled by our foundational values of respect, integrity, and collaboration.

    Trusted By These Clients

    We take immense pride in the work we have done in partnership with our trusted clients. It is in their passion and commitment to community engagement.
    • City of Parramatta

      Community Engagement News

      Learn from the expertise of our team through our BROOKS Community News, deep dive into our engagement approach and the many projects we’ve been a part of. Explore our community resources aimed at facilitating a clearer understanding of the intricacies involved in community engagement and development.

      Wrapping Up the Lake Illawarra Project

      The Lake Illawarra Community Engagement and Participation Strategy is a dynamic, inclusive, and comprehensive plan that serves as a road map for a sustainable future for Lake Illawarra and its community.

      Melrose Park Community Cup

      Since 2017, the Melrose Park Community Group has raised over half a million dollars has been raised by the community, for the community.