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Community Consultation

BROOKS engages community stakeholders by utilising the latest IAP2 Public Participation principles and community engagement techniques.

Community Hotspot Kiosks for Lake Illawarra Community Engagement & Participation Strategy

Connect with BROOKS to consult and engage your stakeholders and make a lasting impact in your community!

At BROOKS, we specialise in designing and implementing effective community consultation activities that promote transparency, trust, and connection between our clients and the communities they work in.

BROOKS’ engagement activities and consultations provide valuable insights into the stakeholders we work with while promoting inclusivity and participation, strengthening community bonds, and fostering a sense of ownership.

Building Stakeholder Connections

At BROOKS, we believe in a more personal approach to community consultation, one that centres on Deep Listening. This method ensures every voice is heard and valued, creating an environment where each stakeholder feels genuinely listened to, acknowledged, and respected.

Our engagement activities are designed not just to gather information, but to build relationships. This approach underpins all our engagement activities, reflecting our commitment to truly understanding and addressing the needs of the communities we serve.

How we can consult and engage your Stakeholders

Community Meetings
This is often the initial step for establishing relationships and providing information to the community. These open forums provide a platform for all community members to express their opinions and raise any concerns they may have.
One-on-One Meetings
One-on-One Meetings enable personalised connections and foster trust within communities. These personal interactions provide a unique opportunity for active listening, allowing BROOKS to understand and address the specific perspectives, concerns, and aspirations of community members. By conducting one-on-one meetings, valuable insights are gathered, and community members feel valued, heard, and included in the decision-making process.
Online Webinars
These interactive sessions allow for the sharing of valuable information, expertise, and insights on specific topics of interest. They foster knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and collective problem-solving, ultimately strengthening community bonds and empowering participants to be actively involved in shaping their community’s future.
Drop-In Information Sessions
Drop-In Information Sessions promote transparency, foster trust, and empower individuals to play an active role in shaping their community’s future. Whether it’s a proposed development project, a new policy, or a community program, these sessions provide a casual and welcoming environment for community members to stay informed and engage in meaningful dialogue. By attending these sessions, residents can have their voices heard, ask questions, and provide valuable feedback that influences decision-making processes. towards establishing a strong presence within the
Hot-Spot Kiosks

Hot-Spot Kiosks are dynamic information gathering initiatives designed to raise your profile within the community. Our team sets up pop-up kiosks in popular public spaces, actively listening and engaging in conversations with locals to gain valuable insights at a grassroots level.


Workshops play a pivotal role in fostering proactive and sustainable communities by utilising the valuable information provided by local residents. These interactive sessions facilitate the proposal and discussion of solutions and alternatives, promoting strong engagement and collaboration among community members.

By leveraging these engaging workshop methods, you can gain a deep understanding of community dynamics, enhance awareness, recognition, and gather important information and feedback. These approaches and services are highly effective in capturing diverse perspectives from community members and stakeholders, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of community needs and aspirations.

Community Advisory Groups

Community Advisory Groups serve as a dynamic community engagement technique that empowers residents to actively participate in decision-making processes. These groups bring together individuals representing diverse perspectives to serve as advocates for their neighbourhoods. 

By joining a community advisory group, residents contribute their insights, expertise, and concerns on critical issues, such as urban planning, development projects, or public policy. Working in collaboration with stakeholders, community organisations, or government entities, these groups ensure that community voices are heard and considered in shaping policies and initiatives.