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Community Development

Create a stronger sense of place and belonging with unique Community Development Activities.


Our team fosters vibrant, sustainable communities for people to live, interact with and form deeper connections to place by developing unique social wellbeing activities and development programs. We work with our clients and the community to create stronger, more connected places for people to enhance their sense of belonging and community spirit.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Community Building Programs

Community BBQs help create a vibrant and cohesive community that supports collective wellbeing and fosters a sense of pride in the neighbourhood. We provide a casual and enjoyable atmosphere where neighbours can socialise with each other and share a meal.

Social Wellbeing Programs

Australian communities are built on social interaction. Meaningful connections with our neighbours and community members are essential for our overall mental, emotional, and physical health. By fostering social connection throughout the communities we work in through unique programs and activities, the BROOKS team are able to enhance community resilience, reduce isolation, and improve the collective wellbeing of individuals. 

Intergenerational programs bring people of different age groups together, promoting mutual understanding, respect, and the exchange of knowledge and experiences. These programs bridge generational gaps and create meaningful connections that enrich the lives of participants and their surrounding communities.

Event Coordination

At BROOKS, we specialise in organising a wide range of Events and Programs that bring people together in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our diverse portfolio of events and programs showcase our team’s ability to create a strong sense of vibrancy, belonging and inclusion across different Australian communities.

Some examples of our engaging events include:

  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Community Gardens
  • Market Days
  • School Fetes
  • Lunar New Year Celebrations
  • All Ability Christmas Carols
  • Golf Days
  • Food Share Programs
  • Fundraising Dinners
  • And various other activities that cater to the specific needs of each community.
Training Opportunities & Skills-Building Workshops

By offering skill-building workshops and training opportunities, community members are empowered to gain the tools and expertise to drive positive change and make a lasting impact in their community. Participating in these workshops offers individuals valuable practical skills and experiences that can unlock new opportunities and foster personal growth. These programs may cover a wide range of topics, such as Health, Hospitality, Sustainability, and much more. 

Kickstart Café 

BROOKS developed the Kick Start Café in 2014 in partnership with the property developer PAYCE and the Riverwood Community Centre, as a response to addressing youth unemployment in the Riverwood area. 

The Kick Start Cafe aims to help disadvantaged youth gain employment, with mentoring and training in hospitality. The pathways program that Kick Start offers empowers and engages youth in the area and provides a range of opportunities for the future. Since opening, the Kick Start Cafe has successfully employed and trained more than 60 young people in need. Through the program, trainees obtain a Certificate III in Hospitality, RSA, RCG and Barista Training. 

Community Storytelling Projects

We believe that storytelling can be a powerful tool for empowering community members. Community Storytelling Projects provide opportunities for community members to share their stories and experiences, highlighting local stories and events to foster connection within the community.

Village Talk

Our quarterly community newsletter, ‘Village Talk’ is developed alongside local community members as a successful tool in keeping the community informed about local events and project updates. By collaborating with local residents, we are able to build a strong sense of community through celebrating shared histories and milestones.