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Our Clients

Trusted by These Clients

Our success, working in the community, stands as a testament to effective and inclusive client engagement. From our grassroots engagement beginnings to our current position as leaders in comprehensive stakeholder consultation, the team at BROOKS have developed a unique portfolio that spans government entities, private corporations, and non-profit organisations.

This gradual evolution into the successful consultancy we are today reflects our unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable communities, embracing new technologies, methodologies, and strategies, to ensure that our services deliver impactful results. Throughout this journey, we’ve held onto the core values that defined our early days: listening actively, understanding deeply, and acting thoughtfully. These principles have guided our approach to every project, whether it involves intricate government planning, critical non-profit initiatives, or innovative private sector ventures.

Our growth has been fuelled by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a dedication to adapt and evolve with the changing needs of our communities and clients. 

Private Sector Clients

At BROOKS, our engagement with private sector clients is a pivotal aspect of our work, reflecting our commitment to bridging corporate objectives with genuine community needs. Our work with companies like Stockland, Legacy Property, ALAND, PAYCE, Sekisui House, Leighton Properties, Kennards Hire, AJ Bush & Sons, and Jackson Environment & Planning showcase our expertise in harmonising business goals with sustainable and socially responsible practices. These partnerships enable us to bring innovative solutions to the table, ensuring that private sector initiatives not only achieve commercial success but also contribute positively to the community. Our role in these projects often extends beyond consultation, as we set new standards in corporate-community engagement, demonstrating that business success and community welfare can go hand in hand.

Our Government Clients

Our collaboration with government bodies, including the City of Wollongong, the City of Parramatta, Transport for NSW, and Shellharbour City Council, positions us at the forefront of impactful community planning, policymaking and large-scale engagement projects. These partnerships have not only connected us with key decision-makers, but also enabled us to advocate effectively for community needs, ensuring that resources are allocated thoughtfully, and public projects are aligned with the community’s best interests. Working with these government clients enhances our credibility and allows us to facilitate meaningful public-private partnerships, playing a crucial role in shaping sustainable and inclusive communities. Our government projects are a testament to our commitment to comprehensive, impactful, and inclusive community engagement.

Non-Profit Organisations

At BROOKS, our not-for-profit clients showcase our commitment to social welfare and community development. At BROOKS, we work with community organisations such as St Vincent’s Hospital, Parramatta Women’s Shelter, Heart of the Nation, Sydney Street Choir, PAYCE Foundation, Michael Hughes Foundation, and Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre. Our work with these organisations is deeply intertwined with our core mission of enhancing community well-being. By partnering with these dedicated groups, we are not just fulfilling a professional commitment, but actively participating in the enrichment and welfare of our communities. These partnerships enable us to understand and address diverse community needs, ranging from healthcare and homelessness to cultural enrichment and local support. Through this work, we assist not-for-profit organizations in not only achieving but surpassing their objectives, thereby creating a profound and lasting positive effect in the communities they serve. This aspect of our work highlights our dedication to social responsibility and our belief in the transformative power of non-profits in fostering meaningful community progress.

Organisations We’ve Engaged With

    Community Partners

    In our dynamic role as engagement facilitator, we often find ourselves working alongside a variety of organisations that, while not being our direct clients, are integral to the success of our projects. Entities such as the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, NSW EPA, St George Community Housing, Green Building Council Australia, City of Sydney, and Corrimal Coke Works have become active partners in our projects. These collaborations are essential in effectively engaging and serving the community. Each organisation brings its unique expertise and perspective, enriching our projects and ensuring a more holistic approach to community engagement.

    Working alongside these groups underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing community needs, and it highlights our commitment to being inclusive and integrative in our approach to every project. Through these partnerships, we can effectively bridge gaps between various stakeholders, ensuring that each project not only meets its goals but also positively contributes to the broader community.