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Meet The BROOKS Team

We’ve assembled a diverse team of engagement facilitators, researchers, and community specialists who deliver dynamic community consultation outcomes for our clients.

Our Engagement Team consists of highly skilled and compassionate individuals who are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients and the communities we work with. We are a team of dedicated and innovative thinkers who understand the unique challenges and complexities of community engagement projects, and who are dedicated to finding creative and effective solutions to these challenges.

Like many engagement practitioners, the BROOKS team is made up of a diverse group of knowledge and experience. Each staff member brings a unique set of skills and experience from various industries. This blend of expertise allows for innovative solutions and a comprehensive approach to any challenge.

Our skills include community engagement planning, communications, mediation, community development, facilitation, face to face consultation, copywriting, public relations, market research, stakeholder analysis, online engagement, program design and filmmaking.

All BROOKS staff are trained via the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and adopt IAP2 Core Values, methods and principles into our engagement practices. This multidisciplinary approach will ensure that BROOKS has the resources and expertise needed to conduct the best possible community engagement for the project.