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Community Engagement Plan

A Community Engagement Plan is a strategic blueprint to foster active participation and engagement throughout the project.

BROOKS’ Community Engagement Plans establish the groundwork for effective community consultation and stakeholder communication strategies.

From the outset, we prioritise understanding and incorporating the community’s needs and ideas. We believe the most impactful engagement plans are born out of a profound comprehension of the community’s perspective. We adopt a grassroots approach, valuing every stakeholder’s input, irrespective of their size or influence, in our strategic planning.

Our aim is to provide an all-encompassing approach to community engagement that aligns with the community’s needs, values, and aspirations. By implementing an efficient Community Engagement Plan, we ensure your community objectives are met in a structured and resourceful way. Our plans are crafted to foster community interactions, encourage open dialogue, and cultivate a sense of community spirit. The ultimate outcome is a robust, self-sustaining community that’s engaged, empowered, and equipped to navigate future challenges together.


Our flexible engagement plans can be tailored to include a diverse range of services, catering to your unique needs. These can encompass:

Desktop Research

A brief research summary surveying the overall context to which the project operates.

Engagement Objectives
A breakdown of the project’s aims and targets of success.
Engagement Methodology
A scoping statement including project stages and proposed engagement methods.
Risk Assessment & Mitigation Strategy
An assessment of potential engagement risks and strategies to mitigate those risks.
SWOT Analysis
A ‘Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats’ analysis. This matrix helps break down potential risks and opportunities of the engagement.
Communications Plan
An overview of the proposed communications strategies to inform and engage with stakeholders.
Stakeholder Database
An overview which identifies the relevant stakeholders, their interests, needs, and level of influence.