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Social Research

Research brings meaningful insights that inform and direct future strategies


In order to develop and implement our Community Engagement Plan, it is essential to gain a broad understanding of your community’s background, aspirations, and future needs.  

We follow a robust social research process which can include, but is not limited to:

    Participatory Research
    A collaborative research process that involves participants playing an active role in the design and implementation of the research process.
    A series of questions posed to participants to gather information and feedback, gauge understanding and awareness of a particular issue, and seek insights into a community’s interests, aspirations and attitudes.
    Community Profiling
    A tool for researching, planning and analysing geographic areas based on a number of social, economic and demographic characteristics.
    A qualitative research tool to understand community sentiments, attitudes and knowledge around a particular issue.
    Focus Groups
    A small group discussion ghosted by a facilitator to bring together a diverse representation of a community.
    Desktop Research
    A review of existing literature to examine current views and understanding of an issue or topic.

    Understanding emerging trends and patterns in the community allows you to work in a more specific and personalised way.