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All-Abilities Christmas Carols – How Music Brings People Together and Breaks Downs Barriers to Inclusion

Rozelle All-Abilities Christmas Carols

Together2 hosted an All-Abilities Christmas Carol event on the 9th of December, 2022. The event sought to enable voices and talents not always seen and heard to participate and perform, promoting self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. 

There were 15 local performances from a range of local choirs, theatre groups, dance groups, and musicians. Each performance was a testament to the power of music to bring people together and break down barriers to inclusion.

“It was wonderful to see so many local groups and soloists get involved in the Christmas Concert this year and that so many members of the community came to support the event. You could really feel the joy in the room as performers got to have their moment on stage and share what they love.”Steven, CEO of Together2

Rozelle All-Abilities Christmas Carols

Sydney Street Choir performs at Rozelle All-Abilities Christmas Carols

About Together2

The All-Abilities Christmas Carols was held in Together2’s newest space, Mission Hall, allowing Together2 to showcase its facilities to a wide array of local residents, organisations and communities. 

The festive event helped raise awareness about Together 2 to the wider community, demonstrating who they are and how they support the community through their programs and initiatives.

“Bringing people together from different backgrounds and abilities has provided the stepping stones for Together2 to further engage, build community spirit, and foster a sense of belonging among participants and the wider community.”

– Adriana Pielak, BROOKS Community Engagement Senior Engagement Facilitator

Rozelle All-Abilities Christmas Carols brings local community together at the newly rennovated Together2 space.

Free community BBQ provided at Together2’s newest space during All-Abilities Christmas Carols intermission.

The ‘Rozelle Neighborhood Centre’ had recently changed its name to ‘Together2’ and was eager to raise awareness in the community about their work and how the community could get involved. 

By connecting with local musicians, choirs, schools, and other local organisations, BROOKS facilitated the widening of Together2’s stakeholder network, helping to bring greater awareness of Together2’s facilities through providing a platform for various performers and entertainers to showcase their talents. 

Partnerships were established by BROOKS with groups such as the Balmain Uniting Church Performance Group, who helped to provide sound equipment, volunteers, and organisational support. By identifying common goals with local organisations, BROOKS has supported Together2 to increase resources, reach a wider audience, and create more opportunities to partner and collaborate with their community.

Engagement highlights

  • 300+ attendees
  • 15 local performances including Paul Kapeleris from Australia’s Got Talent and the Sydney Street Choir
  • Attendance by Balmain state and local government representatives, Jamie Parker MP and Councillor Kobi Shetty

All-Abilities Christmas Carols – How Music Brings People Together and Breaks Downs Barriers to Inclusion






July-December 2022

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