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Bridging Generations: The Success of Together2’s Intergenerational Program

About the Together2 Intergenerational Program

BROOKS assisted Together2 to run a four-week Intergenerational Program in partnership with Sydney Secondary School, Leichhardt. The students were a mix of Year 9 and 10 students many of whom were having trouble at school or were disengaged. The elderly were a mix of ladies (75 years old – 95 years old) that had a connection with Together2 through My Aged Care and/or had participated previously in programs and activities hosted by Together2.

Together2 Intergenerational Program builds connection between generations

Intergenerational Program brought together Years 9-10 students with Together2 participants. 

Bridging Connections Across Generations

The Intergenerational Program successfully broke down stereotypes and fostered understanding between generations. Through activities like ‘Get to know you Bingo’ and ‘Speed Friendships,’ participants engaged in meaningful conversations, promoting a sense of community and belonging. Sharing experiences, skills, and perspectives became a catalyst for forming friendships.

Together2's Intergenerational Program builds connections across generations

Improving Student Wellbeing & Attendance

Notably, the program positively impacted disengaged students, improving attendance and fostering empathy. Activities such as the ‘Build a Gingerbread House Competition’ showcased students’ teamwork and collaboration skills, emphasising a unique learning environment that enhances personal, social, and educational development.

Together2's Intergenerational Program improves student wellbeing & attendance

Addressing Social Isolation & Loneliness

The program played a vital role in addressing social isolation among older adults. Activities like gentle yoga and problem-solving tasks not only provided mental stimulation but also encouraged seniors to step out of their comfort zones. The positive feedback and willingness to participate in regular community yoga classes demonstrate the program’s success in promoting physical and mental well-being.

Key Highlights of the Together2 Intergenerational Program

Key Highlights of the Together2 Intergenerational Program

Together2’s Intergenerational Program stands as a shining example of the positive impact collaboration can have on communities. By fostering understanding, building connections, and addressing social isolation, this program has created a blueprint for future initiatives that contribute to stronger, more resilient communities. 

To learn more about how BROOKS can help design and implement similar community development projects, contact us today and be a part of transformative change!

Bridging Generations: The Success of Together2’s Intergenerational Program






July 2022-February 2023 

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