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Parramatta Youth Choir: A Musical Haven for Young Talents

Introducing the Parramatta Youth Choir

In collaboration with PAYCE, BROOKS designed and implemented the Parramatta Youth Choir program to provide young people within the Parramatta and Ryde area with a free opportunity to hone their musical talents. In a vibrant, social environment where they can build their confidence, forge new friendships and have fun, this lively and talent-packed ensemble would meet every Wednesday to learn new songs and practise their singing together. 

Parramatta Youth Choir performs for the Melrose Park Community at the end-of-term concert

Parramatta Youth Choir performing at their end-of-term concert.

At the heart of the Parramatta Youth Choir is a commitment to cultivating a positive and supportive atmosphere, nurturing individual growth and teamwork. Running over the past five years, the Parramatta Youth Choir has recently soared in popularity in the last 2 years due to its proximity to the Parramatta CBD.

Comprising approximately 65 primary school-aged children from the Parramatta CBD, the choir boasts a diverse repertoire spanning various musical genres. Audiences of all ages are in for a treat, experiencing the delightful and inspiring talents of these young singers.

Parramatta Youth Choir, a free community initiative sponsored by PAYCE.

Meet the Maestro – James Paul

Leading the musical journey is James Paul, a seasoned professional choir director renowned for his work with school choirs across Sydney. As the director of the Sutherland Shire Choral Society, the Sydney Street Choir, and more, James brings a wealth of experience to the Parramatta Youth Choir.

More than an accomplished director, James Paul is a fun and engaging teacher who draws out the best in his students through positive reinforcement and encouragement. Rehearsals at the Parramatta Youth Choir are crafted to focus on singing technique, learning new songs, exploring harmony, and, above all, ensuring a fun-filled atmosphere.

Choir Director, James Paul

Esteemed Choir Director, James Paul.

The Parramatta Youth Choir stands as a testament to the transformative power of music in shaping the lives of young individuals. Under the expert guidance of Choir Master James Paul, this ensemble not only continues to thrive but also radiates joy to audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of the Parramatta and Ryde areas. Immerse yourself in the harmonious journey of the Parramatta Youth Choir – where talent, passion, and joy converge in perfect unison.

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Parramatta Youth Choir: A Musical Haven for Young Talents


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