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Your City, Your Say – Parramatta City Council

In response to the recent Council merger and the acquisition of new suburbs, the City of Parramatta commissioned BROOKS to create a proactive community engagement program. This program was designed to establish connections with new residents and foster community feedback, dialogue, and creative brainstorming.

We established various platforms for creative brainstorming, community planning, and co-design through the deployment of pop-up information kiosks across Parramatta. These information kiosks enabled us to share information and gain insights directly from the community, particularly the youth, about their needs and aspirations for the newly incorporated suburbs.

During the project, we created and distributed various informative materials such as the ‘City of Parramatta Benefits Information Sheet’, visual infographics, community FAQs, Idea Walls, and a Stakeholder Survey.

Our diligent work in Parramatta resulted in the collection of 1,600 community comments, and facilitated direct consultations with 870 community members, and over 300 registrations for email updates and future workshops.

Pop-up kiosks and Idea Walls at BROOKS’ Pop-Up Information Kiosks across Parramatta for ‘Your City, Your Say’ campaign
Further, deepening our understanding of the community, we administered a survey to over 175 local stakeholders. This helped us gauge their knowledge about, interest in, and needs for Lake Illawarra, further informing our community engagement strategies and ensuring that they remain relevant and responsive to the community’s concerns.
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Your City, Your Say – Parramatta City Council

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