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Melrose Park Community Cup – A Driving Force for Local Community Engagement and Fundraising

The Melrose Park Community Cup raised over half a million dollars has been raised by the community, for the community. 

The Melrose Park Community Cup

The Melrose Park Community Cup is an annual golf day and gala dinner that aims to raise funds and create awareness for the Melrose Park Community Group. All funds raised through the sale of sponsorships and tickets are shared between the six community groups in the Melrose Park Community Group (‘MCPG’). 

Melrose Park Community Golf Day and Gala Dinner brings local community together to raise funds for the Melrose Park Community Group.

We’re so happy and grateful to be involved in this event. It really helps a lot of the local people and clubs. It’s not only a great fundraiser, but we’ve actually been able to connect with other people and groups with whom we wouldn’t have been in touch with previously. We are now wonderful friends, and I think that’s a fantastic achievement.” 

Karen Waud, Representative of the Melrose Park Community Group and West Ryde Rovers President

Melrose Park Community Group

BROOKS developed this community development initiative, the Melrose Park Community Group, to bring together the six local community groups within the area, who had never connected with each other before. Working together as one working group, the six groups have been empowered to create a stronger and more connected community through organising community events and initiatives together. 

The six local community groups represented are: Melrose Park Public School; St Michael’s Public School; West Ryde Rovers; Ermington United; Heart of the Nation; and the Parramatta Women’s Shelter. 

During a brainstorming session at a monthly meeting with the key leaders of the Melrose Park Community Group, BROOKS raised the idea of the Melrose Park Community Cup as a shared fundraising and community-building event. Designed to tap into each of the six organisations’ networks, the event sought to bring together the broad spectrum of the Melrose Park community, including hard-to-reach community members. 

This is one of our favourite events of the year. It’s got such a vibrancy. And the fact that you’re bringing together different organisations together, who don’t normally work side-by-side, is something very special. They experience a great sense of camaraderie in that they’re working together to support the local community.” 

Lance Brooks, Managing Director & Lead Engagement Facilitator

Melrose Park Urban Renewal

The Melrose Park Community Cup initiative was developed as part of BROOK’s long-term community engagement strategy for the Melrose Park Urban Renewal. 

In 2016, BROOKS was tasked with delivering long term community consultation over a six-year period for Melrose Park. Working closely with PAYCE and Sekisui House to ensure the success of the project, our team informed and consulted the diverse community of Melrose Park in a variety of engagement activities to gain their understanding and involve them in the project.

The Melrose Park Urban Renewal project is one of Sydney’s largest urban renewal projects, spanning across a 30-hectare light industrial site. The $700 million retail and residential site is a joint-venture between PAYCE and Sekisui House Australia, and will include around 5,000 new apartments, a town centre and retail village, community amenities and significant parklands.

Engagement highlights

  • Since forming in 2017, the Melrose Park Community Group has raised over $500,000 for the six local community organisations.
  • The annual fundraising event is now the biggest community development initiative in the local community’s calendar. 
  • In 2023, 131 golfers and 250 people attended the dinner, where a live and silent auction was held throughout the night
  • There were 14 sponsors on the night, including PAYCE, the PAYCE Foundation, Sekisui House Australia, and several other corporate and community sponsors. 
  • A number of VIPs attended the event, including local politicians from Ryde and Parramatta, Greg Page, and Louise Sauvage OAM.

The event’s success has resulted in Melrose Park Community Group continuing activities all year round; including trivia nights, Christmas Carols, outdoor cinemas, and regular community BBQs.

BROOKS Community Engagement works with its clients and their communities to create stronger, more connected places for people to live, interact with and connect with each other. To find out more about our services, click here to find out more about our Community Development services.

Melrose Park Community Cup – A Driving Force for Local Community Engagement and Fundraising

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