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Our Team – Danielle Davis

Engagement Coordinator
A woman with permed brown hair, a blue shirt, and a black coat.

Danielle Davis

Engagement Coordinator

 Danielle Davis is a vital member of BROOKS’ expanding team, a highly organised and detail-oriented professional. Her background in media advertising, training, and systems support has equipped her with the necessary skills to assess and quantify engagement outcomes effectively. As an engagement coordinator for BROOKS, Danielle leverages her expertise to create meaningful and impactful connections with diverse communities.

One of Danielle’s most significant accomplishments, working with BROOKS, was spearheading the design and execution of the Michael Hughes Foundation Engagement Program in Melrose Park. Collaborating with MHF trainers, medical professionals, and health experts, she played a pivotal role in raising awareness about the importance of living in a Heart Safe community. By developing innovative educational materials and training programs, Danielle showcased her talent for transforming complex scientific concepts into practical, engaging experiences for the community.

In 2023, Danielle served as the lead engagement facilitator on the Riverstone Meat Rendering facility project, BROOKS delivered for AJ Bush & Sons. Her exceptional ability to communicate with stakeholders and address their concerns contributed to the project’s success and helped establish a strong foundation for future collaborations.

Danielle’s commitment to her community extends beyond her professional endeavours. As a Board Member at Parramatta Women’s Shelter (PWS), she has displayed an unwavering passion for volunteering and supporting vulnerable populations. Danielle’s empathetic nature and active listening skills have been instrumental in creating a safe space for young people and victims of domestic violence to connect and participate in various programs.

Her work with PWS exemplifies her remarkable ability to understand and connect with diverse stakeholders, reinforcing her reputation as a natural engagement expert. Danielle’s dedication to creating positive change in her community, both professionally and personally, speaks volumes about her character and the tremendous impact she has on those around her.

Interestingly, the BROOKS team originally met Danielle while working on the Melrose Park Urban Renewal project. Living in the Melrose Park community Danielle was a local resident and active member of the community, volunteering her participation in a number of the engagement initiatives BROOKS developed for her community. After years of volunteering and advocating for effective community engagement in Melrose Park, Danielle sought a career change to work with community, eventually joining the BROOKS team.