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Our Team – Jack Brooks

Engagement Design & Strategy
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Jack Brooks

Engagement Design & Strategy

Jack is a highly experienced engagement facilitator known for his exceptional ability to connect and engage with community stakeholders. As an Engagement Facilitator at BROOKS, Jack's expertise in community research, facilitation, and creative brainstorming has greatly benefited our business. With over 8 years of experience in community development and participation initiatives across the globe, Jack brings a unique perspective to our projects, leading to more comprehensive and effective engagement outcomes.

In his current role at BROOKS, Jack is leading the development of the Lake Illawarra Community Engagement & Participation strategy for Wollongong City Council and Shellharbour City Council. This included the design and delivery of successful hotspot information kiosks around the Illawarra, stakeholder surveys and a highly attended community workshop. Jack is a Green Star Accredited Professional (GSAP) with Green Building Council Australia, showing his commitment to encouraging sustainable communities across the country.

Jack is an accomplished keynote speaker. Speaking at the plenary lunch during the 2023 IAP2 North American Conference in Seattle as well as a featured speaker at the 2022 IAP2 North American Conference in Banff, Canada. His presentations ‘The Highway 12 Upgrade” and "The IAP2 Spectrum Makeover" received high praise from the IAP2 North American Board and were highly acclaimed by Marty Rozelle, the Co-Creator of the IAP2 Spectrum, and Valoree MacKay, the IAP2 Executive Director.

Jack's ability to create engagement opportunities for critical community health issues is exemplified in his work in Canada developing the Fernie Dragathon, in partnership with the Elk Valley Suicide Task Force. This innovative program was created in response to increased suicide rates in the small town of Fernie and showcases Jack's commitment to creating meaningful engagement programs that address important community issues.

He has been able to make a positive impact on the lives of many communities through his various initiatives and programs. He has been instrumental in several of our major engagement initiatives, his work engaging youth in Riverwood is a testament to his expertise in connecting with young people. Working on site across various community development initiatives, including the weekly Friday BBQ and the Kickstart Café, Jack was able to meet different young people, understand their needs and concerns and find opportunities for them to further participate. His exceptional communication skills allowed him to form strong connections with the people in Riverwood, making these initiatives a resounding success.

One of his most significant achievements was developing a successful school holiday program with the Tamworth Local Aboriginal Land Council. The program provided young First Nations children with a fun and educational experience, allowing them to learn about their cultural heritage and gain valuable skills. Jack has led multiple overseas building projects with Communities for Communities, engaging young volunteers to travel overseas and work on community development projects in villages across Vietnam, Indonesia, Fiji, and Cambodia. Additionally, He has gained a deeper appreciation for the potential and unique challenges that young people face, developing the skills and knowledge necessary to help them succeed.

Overall, Jack's passion for community development and participation shines through in his work. He is dedicated to fostering genuine community engagement and participation that results in positive outcomes for everyone involved.