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Our Team – Lance Brooks

Managing Director & Senior Community Engagement Consultant
An older man with grey-blond hair down to his ears and a plaid shirt.

Lance Brooks

Managing Director & Lead Engagement Facilitator

Lance is one of Australia’s foremost community engagement consultants and specialises in mediation, stakeholder management, strategic planning, place making and social entrepreneurship. He is a former Director of the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2), Australasia’s peak body in Community Engagement and led the multi-award-winning Riverwood North Urban Renewal project, a complex seven-year engagement of NSW’s largest high-density Public-Private Housing Partnership (PPP).

Prior to establishing his consultancy practice, Lance had over twenty-five years of small business management experience, running a third generation family business. Lance has been able to succeed in Public Engagement through his ability to tailor specific development initiatives for different projects and by fostering a genuine connection with the people he is engaging with.

His hands-on approach for all projects is what truly sets Lance apart from other engagement practitioners. He has an innate ability to ensure all participants feel respected and listened to, conducting all facilitation and consultation in IAP2 Core Values and empathetic listening. Lance’s skill in turning a stakeholder’s piece of feedback, concern or even criticism into a unique opportunity to further engage and connect has been key to his success as a facilitator. Allowing him to formulate unique ways to involve, collaborate and empower individuals to develop initiatives and programs to build and strengthen community relationships.

Lance is a nationally accredited mediator with the Australian Dispute Centre and has facilitated Strategic Planning sessions and managing difficult and intricate conflict resolution matters with local community groups, government bodies, businesses and executive boards. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Community Management from UTS and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and is also certified in fundraising from Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA). Lance is a certified Green Star Accredited Professional with Green Building Council Australia (GBCA).

Lance has been responsible for the development of a number of Australia’s most innovative engagement programs. Lance works closely with the community and his clients to turn common values and community needs into practical participation strategies and engagement opportunities. He has a strong passion for delivering programs that bring people together through education and development.

Lance’s professional work is often overshadowed by his volunteering and his many contributions to a number of Australia’s best Not For Profit’s. After founding the 100% volunteer organisation Communities for Communities in 2002, Lance has been directly responsible for fundraising over $3.5 million bringing people together to support communities in need.

Lance is passionate about authentic engagement. He is committed to creating community connection and enriching people’s sense of belonging to a place.